conDIT [buenos aires technological district’s concerts] is a  cheLA’s project and it works as a creation platform of concert music, in other words, the new ‘classical music’ made today.


Around conDIT, since its foundation in 2011, more than sixty national and international activities has been produced, including workshops, concerts, artistic residencies and tours, a semestral magazine called Espiral, spreading the musical thinking of musicians participating in the platform, more than thirty commissions, 4 call for works, and a media open access  repository.
Actually, conDiT is made by


Daniel Halaban, text edition
Roberto Maqueda Dominguez, europe production
Rodrigo Gallegos Pinto, production
Juan Marco Litrica, production and sound engineer
Tatiana Cuoco, video
Ramiro Iturrioz, video
Lucas Giono, design
Luciano Azzigotti, idea

Federico Rotemberg, production
Carlos Leiva, building
Santiago M. Nuñez, direction in Buenos Aires
Fabian Wagmister y Dara Gelof, founders