During the year 2013 and thanks to “Telefónica” Fundation through the “Regimen de Promoción Cultural” project of the city of Buenos Aires, conDIT’s modular concert hall begins its second stage of reforms and improvements. We invite you all to discover and participate in this project.

The main idea of the “Taller Performático Tecnológico” project is to fulfill a modern need in the contemporary creation scene with a theater that can be configured for different uses. First, the setting of reflection and absorption acoustic cues, to reinforce and correct the sound spectrum, dividing it in three main frequency bands. Allowing the adaptation of the room for traditional musical pieces that require a high level of definition and acoustic customization. Second, a plausible space to be used as a concert hall of acoustic music for instruments that require certain special conditions, but also that can easily be adapted for complex music scenes that need extended materials. Finally, the same music hall can provide a space for scenery and instrumental construction workshops were efforts can be concentrated to provide solutions for the growing necessity of composers – inventors that modern materials keep generating.

As a main encouraging goal, the project also proposes a complete structured working platform with human resources to maintain an annual concert agenda that involves the “Parque Patricios” neighborhood in its activities.

In each project, artists will be able to use the location and take advantage of it it differently. Providing a unique experience of “the classic” –not only in theatrical terms but also in spatial- while also being able to conjugate with modern realizations of contemporary pieces that can not be produced in conventional venues.



The extension of the location’s components must be studied according to its operability.

The acoustic models allow the adaptation of the room conditions to desired acoustic values. This way, the models are part of the room as well as of the music piece. The ensembles of the pieces are done at the same time as the design of the acoustic scene. The modules are different devices with unique acoustic properties that provide a configurable system. They allow the custom configuration or design of the acoustic scene permitting the correct listening of the music pieces. For example, an amplified ensemble is going to need a different configuration than a non-amplified ensemble. The diversity of devices offered will let the proper alteration of the music hall to fulfill the music pieces needs. In case the modules are used for other locations, a study of the acoustic properties will be necessary to ensure a correct configuration of the devices.


TaPeTe will be the home of the “Conciertos del Distrito Tecnológico” patronage project. It will also be part of the international residency project of the “exACTa” foundation and will be host to the California University visits. Furthermore, it will be used for the special sessions of the Trilnick class of the Sound and Image degree of UBA. This way, a complex and unique web of educational, artistic production and research associations is generated and an opportunity for the project partners to have an exceptional involvement with the Technologic District of Buenos Aires.

The project mainly presents the minimum human resources necessary to maintain TaPeTe as a viable space for ensembles and different artistic manifestations that meet the levels of excellence, part of the projects main ambition. For the proper selection of projects, the venue will have a board of advisors, formed by distinguished composers and visual artists of Buenos Aires that will review the proposals.

TaPeTe is expected to rise as the first main cultural and artistic gathering point entirely born in the Technologic District concept. Situating it in the independent artistic scene and internationally projecting it through cheLA’s communicative structure.

Stage 1 2011

Accomplished in 2011 with the financing of the Conciertos del Distrito Tecnológico. A basic acoustic treatment of the room was achieved with also the rental of lights, bleachers and a piano

Stage 2 2012 – 13

The current stage involves the items described below and is planed to be accomplished during 2012-13.

  • Acquisition of a new 1/2 tail concert piano.
  • Absorption acoustic panels for the ceiling.
  • 4 Modular and transportable bleachers with a total capacity for 180 guests.
  • Plastic chairs covered with acoustic materials.
  • Expanded polystyrene Sound diffusion modules that at the same time allow proper lightning digitally controlled.
  • Digital screens made of “SUBLIMAL LYCRA” to create CAVE like immersive spaces of expanded video.
  • Tactile transducers and speakers to be able to research posible electroacoustic difusion mechanisms.
  • Special drapes to control natural light entering through the big windows of the venue.

Stage 3 2014

Once the second stage is complete, a financial search to expand the modular project to acoustic isolation, floating floors, improvement to the seats, an automated sensing system for the stage, a tracking system and an advanced CAVE like environment.