Córdoba in Buenos Aires

Los días 5 y 6 de octubre se realizará con entrada gratuita el encuentro Córdoba en Buenos Aires en conDiT.cheLA, con la presentación del ensamble suonomobile Argentina, y el estreno exclusivo en Buenos Aires de parte de la nueva producción … Continued

Modelo62 Ensemble@conDIT

Modelo 62 Ensemble is preparing their first Argentinian tour. They will be visiting the country between the 22nd of April and the 6th of May. During these two weeks, a series of concerts and academic events will be held. Among … Continued

Institute of Sonology in Argentina

The Dutch Sonology Institute is one of the oldest studios dedicated to the research and production of electronic music. Its beginnings go back to 1956 when the electronic music studio of the department of acoustics of the Philips Company was … Continued