The Dutch Sonology Institute is one of the oldest studios dedicated to the research and production of electronic music. Its beginnings go back to 1956 when the electronic music studio of the department of acoustics of the Philips Company was created. In 1986, the studio moved to The Hague. Today, the Institute is home of specialized graduate and postgraduate courses that develop and study different areas of the sonic phenomenon and the relationship between technology and sound.

The concert will be held at cheLA on may 5th. It will start at 2 pm and will extend itself until 10 pm at night. During which a special focus will be done to recent works of newly graduated students form the Masters degree, and the computer music pioneer of The Netherlands, Dick Raaijmakers. Raaijmakers is a particular creator who researched different areas that include Music Theater and performance all the way to the first experiments of algorithmic sound synthesis. The event will include electronic music, performances, sound instalations and lectures by the recent Masters, Sergio Luque (México), Martijn Tellinga (The Netherlands) and Gabriel Paiuk (Argentina).




This project is supported by the Fonds Podium Kunsten (The Netherlands), the Secretaria de Cultura de la Nación (Argentina), The Hague’s City Hall (The Netherlands) and The Netherlands Embassy in Argentina.