Sunday, July 27 20 h. mo.ë: Thelemangasse 4/1 1170 Vienna, Austria reConvert project: new percussion duet Gobi Drab: Paetzold Gloria Damijan: Toy piano and materials First conDiT concert in Viena as an Argentine – Austrian musical exchange at mo.ë. Featuring new percussion duet, reConvert project formed by Víctor Barceló & Roberto Maqueda, (ES/CH) will present world premieres of works by Luciano Azzigotti and Fernando Manassero and special guests for the second time now at conDiT. For the second part, austrian artist Gobi Drab will present “Wassermusik” and Gloria Damijan “Körperlininen”. PROGRAM reConvert project: #Micorbeatlogic 2 (2014) by Luciano Azzigotti (AR) #Trum’ ta 2.0 for amplified surface and objects (2014) by Fernando Manassero (AR), + special guests. Gobi Drab (AT) (Paetzold) # Wassermusik Gloria Damijan (AT) (Toy Piano + Materialien) # Körperlinien Entrance: pay as you wish but pay. (4 – 10 euro) With the support of: Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto, República Argentina Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero